We plan to post photos from our trip - daily if we have internet access. We will also build a collection of links to online photo albums of Madagascar.

Our Photos 9/16-9/18
Miami-to-Madagascar, Arrival at Victory Hotel

Our Photos 9/18
first visit to Ankilifaly for English service, dinner@Le Jardin

Our Photos 9/19
Andronomena, the Gathering Place, Antsokay Arboretum

Our Photos 9/20
Toliara walk#1, EyeGlass Clinic in Anketraka, lunch at the beach,

Our Photos 9/21
Toliara walk#2, eyeglass clinic, medical clinic, solar ovens, banner making at Andronomena, Toliara craft market, pusse-pusse ride

Our Photos 9/22
water project,

Our Photos 9/23
VBS day#1, Toliara craft market

Our Photos 9/24
Toliara walk#3, VBS day#2, dinner@Ice Cream Place

Our Photos 9/25
Isolara, visit to property on the shore, dinner@Le Jardin

Our Photos 9/26
leave for Isoalo National Park, sunset, Le Reine Hotel

Our Photos 9/27
Isoalo National Park hike, lemurs

Our Photos 9/28
Sapphire mines, drive back to Toliara, departure for home

Our Photos 9/29
Paris missed flight, Rick and Cordella layover

Our Photos - MISC
Gathering Place architectural plans, Rt7, Chair assembly,