Our Itinerary
Our travel itinerary is as follows:

Flight Information
16 SeptAA62Miami(MIA)/Paris(CDG) 18200910 (next day)
17 SeptMD51Paris(CDG)/Antananarivo(TNR) 16150410(next day)
18 SeptMD712Antananarivo(TNR)/Tulear(TLE) 06100740
28 SeptMD713Tulear(TLE)/Antananarivo(TNR) 18552000
28 SeptMD50Antananarivo(TNR)/Paris(CDG) 21350745(next day)
29 OctAA63Paris(CDG)/Miami(MIA) 10001400

American Airlines allows one(1) bag free second bag USD50.00. MD does allow (2) bags not to exceed 50 pounds each.

American Airlines does NOT have a baggage agreement with Air Madagascar therefore we will have to claim our luggage in Antananarivo and take it to the Air Madagascar check-in. They will tag our bags to Tulear. We will need to do the same on the return leg of our trip.