Meetings and Forms
Here is a countdown clock to help count the days until we meet in the Miami airport.
Countdown Clock(time until we meet in Miami)

Here are notes from our meetings:
  • Friday evening we shared dinner together which is an important step in forming as a group. The Duncan Center has a great salad bar.
  • Sharon gave everyone a Myers Briggs test and we learned about our preferred behaviors. This will help us to understand each other.
  • We closed with compline and prayer.
  • Saturday began with breakfast as we all met and shared another meal together.
  • Back in the meeting room Debra had us "set the table" as we discussed what each of would bring to the table on the trip.
  • We discussed making preparations for the trip. Everyone needs to get their shots. Everyone should bring a mosquito net and an extra one to give as a gift. We will need them for our 2 nights off-site. They can be found online or in stores for about $15 from Sears, Sports Authority, Amazon, etc.
  • The cost for the trip covers all expenses: room, board, meals. It is recommended everyone bring cash for souvenirs and extra things. We will visit a craft market. $100-$200 is recommended.
  • We had a video and presentation from the group who went to Madagascar last year from St. Andrews. They shared their experiences and answered many of our questions. We sang together, which we better get used to because everyone in Madagascar enjoys singing.
  • We had a great lunch. You could make a full meal just from the salad bar but they also had soup, sandwiches and desert.
  • Back in the room we meet and formulated our plans for the projects we would like to do. We're lacking some detail which limited our ability to finalize the list but Debra will be working to get more info from Todd and Patsy.

  • Medical - we will conduct an eye clinic, use a standard eye chart and hand out reading glasses. We need to collect reading glasses and eyeglass cases. We will need a plastic crate to safely transport the eye glasses. Sharon will help organize and collect patient info. We will need pencils, notebooks, folders.
  • VBS - Sharon and Rose will coordinate the VBS and everyone else will assist. The theme will be the Lord's Prayer. We will take several key terms from the prayer and translate and learn the English and Malagasy translation. They will be terms we can represent with a drawing (heaven, earth, bread, forgive, sharing, temptation, evil, glory). For an craft project we will make musical instruments using available material and we will make personal shields using felt. We might bring kazoos, whistles, harmonicas, spoons just in case. And then we will learn a few songs, word and melody, playing them on the instruments. Songs include: Let Us Break Bread Together, Jesus Loves Me, He's Got the Whole World in HIS Hand, the Little Light of Mine, We're marching in the Light of GOD, If You're Happy and You Know It. The children will cut out shapes and draw on the shields to reflect who they are. We will laminate the shields using clear contact paper. We need to bring: scissors, glue, contact paper, foam shapes, shields, fabric markers.
    We'll have the children act out a skit from a bible story reflecting: Jesus Love Me. We will plan to conduct 2 (5-6hr) classes in 2 different locations. The material will include:
  • Side Trips - we will have an overnight visit to the lemur park.
  • Banners - we will bring material to create liturgical banners for the gathering place. We will work with some of the local women to create the banners. We need to collect felt, notions, thread, cord, fabric glue, hot glue, glue sticks, ribbon, fringe, and fabric paints. They have a sewing machine on-site.
    Themes could be: Lent, Pentecost, Epiphany, Easter, Christmas, Episcopal Shield.
  • Solar Ovens - Jacky will pre-order and purchase solar ovens in Tolear and hand them out in the village. The ovens cost $40 each. Then we will use the ovens to bake cookies at the end of VBS.
  • Construction - This will be some lite physical labor wherever rev. Pattsy directs us to work. Rick will bring some basic tools but we expect to have tools on-site or be able to buy them. We will also bring a canvas in order to construct some share for the workers.
  • T-Shirts - we plan to have t-shirts made for everyone in the group. The shirts will be green with black print. A large earth o the back will be encircled by people holding hands and it will have the words Jesus Love You in Malagasy.

  • each member introduced themselves (Debra, Kirk, David, Terri, Blair, Rose, Jacky, Kirk, Emily, Rick, Cordella)
  • We discussed what skills we have
  • We discussed general details about the trip and made of a list of questions
  • We made an outline of possible projects: eyeglass clinic, construction, VBS, LifeStraws
  • we set the date for our next meetings: 6/12, 8/6, 9/4.

Send Payments to:
St. Columba Episcopal Church
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Clearly state Madagascar Mission trip and the mission team member's name.

Donations towards our trip can be made online through the SE Florida Diocese Office. Here is the link:
Enter the amount of the donation at the top of the page.
Check the box for "Short Term Mission" and select "6006: St. Columba Episcopal Church".
In the "Credit to" box, enter your name and specify it is for the Madagascar Mission.
Then enter your credit card information at the bottom of the page.
THANK YOU for supporting our mission trip to Madagascar.