News from the Sept 2012 Haiti Water Project Team
The latest news posted directly by our team in the field:

Date: Fri Sep 21 08:34:06 2012
Subject: haiti photos uploaded
We made it home safely wednesday afternoon. We are still organizing and decompressing from a very tiring trip. I uploaded 145 photos from our trip which I'm sure you will enjoy. This weekend we will upload our journal entries so you can read all about our trip and what we accomplished. There is a link to our photos on the project homepage --Rick

Date: Tue Sep 18 13:39:05 2012
Subject: Returned to PAP from Verrettes
We returned late last night to Port-au-Prince from Verrettes. We planned to= depart by 1PM but we worked until almost 3PM installing the solar panels w= hich are now keeping our 48volt battery array charged. The bad news is we = determined it is impossible to retrofit a 6in. well with an electric submer= sible pump and keep the handpump operational. So we need to drill a second= well. The good news is we installed all the equipment, panels, tanks, pip= es, wires and we have the donated Grundfos submersible pump here on site. = The well crew who we hired to help repair and clean the well admired our wo= rk and opted to stay overnight with us in Verrettes to help. They helped i= nstall to 20ft pole and solar panels which took every ounce of strength fro= m everyone on site. They are now very familiar with the site and with us a= nd they will help drill the second well for us. We will consult with all o= ur team members when we return home and plan what steps we should take next= . We feel we accomplished a lot. We're disappointed we couldn't install t= he pump but we learned a lot and we established some very good contacts her= e in Haiti. The picture will speak volumes about what we accomplished and h= ow important the system will be when it is operational.

Date: Thu Sep 13 16:55:41 2012
Subject: safe arrival and all is well
we arrived safely in Haiti and all the equipment made it without any trouble. We had to pay a $70 duty on the solar equipment which we expected and happily it was less than we expected. Aimond picked us up in his panel truck, we ran around the city to hardware stores to buy a few parts we new we would need and now we're at Aimond's house. We'll organize the equipment and head out of town by 10AM tomorrow. Saturday and Sunday will be very busy days from sun-up to sun-down. I hope to post photos from the Verrettes as we make progress. We certainly feel there must be an angel watching over us.

Date: Thu Sep 13 06:17:03 2012
Subject: check-in
all checked in at FFL airport. pump and solar panel cost $100 for oversized and overweight. less than we expected. Sent from my iPhone=

Date: Wed Sep 12 05:41:36 2012
Subject: Haiti Final Prep
Last day to get all our supplies and pack for the trip to Haiti tomorrow. We will be leaving shortly to Miami to pick-up the 2nd solar panel. The Grundfos pump will arrive today via UPS. If we have internet access we will post messages directly to our website and you will be notified automatically by emails like this one. Let me know if you would like to be taken off the distribution list.

Date: Sat Sept 8 09:42:21 2012
Subjet: Haiti 2012
All is se Bon on the 2012 haiti Water Project. People were very generous dontaing towards this project and now we are making plans to visit Verrettes for the final installation.

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