Haiti Water Project September 2012
We traveled to Haiti Sept. 13-19, 2012. This will going to be our final trip to complete the solar water project but we ran into a bit of a problem. We could not retrofit the 6inch handpump well to also accomodate the 3inch electric pump. We erected the pole with the solar panels, we installed and connected the battery bank, we ran wires from the pumphouse to the well, we disassembled and cleaned the well, we even repaired the roof on the school. We have an incredible submersible pump donated by the Grundfos Corporation so we are arranging to have a 2nd well dug and then we will return in November to install the pump. We expect it will take 1 day to complete the project once the well is completed. Our utility room has been constructed next to the school where we installed the pressure tank, chlorinator and batteries and the sinks are installed in the school and the clinic.

Link to our photos on Dropbox