Project Outline & Schedule
Upcoming Trip:
2/17: Depart Ft. Lauderdale for Haiti, over night in PAP
2/18: Depart Port-au-Prince for Verrettes, overnight in Verrettes
2/19: Depart Verrettes for Gonaive, overnight in Gonaive
2/20: Depart Gonaive for Port-au-Prince, over night PAP
2/21: Depart Port-au-Prince for Leogaine and Jacmel, over night in Jacmel
2/22: Depart Jacmel for PAP, overnight in PAP
2/23: Depart Port-au-Prince for Ft. Lauderdale

December 2010 Estimate costs
Raise funds
January 2011 Develop detailed plan
Organize team
Plan visit to Haiti
February 2011 Visit Verrettes to finalize plans and hire workers
Perform water tests
Order equipment
Arrange for shipping
March 2011 Ship equipment
Verify delivery & and safe storage
April 2011 Purchase all supplies
Dig and install storage tank
lay pipe
install sinks
install wire
Plan visit to Haiti
May 2011 Visit Verrettes to finalize installation
install solar panel
install batteries
install pump