Water Project Journal
DAY 1 :
Steve picked up Aimond and I at our homes. We drove to the airport where we to meet Rio. Our bags were a bit over the 50lb limit so with some adjustments we repacked and tossed a few items into the trash. We finally departed on the early flight from Ft. Lauderdale for Port au Prince. It was an easy flight (1hr 45min). Arriving in Haiti is always a shock to the senses. The heat greets you as you exit the plane as you plunge into chaos. Every time we arrive the terminal is configured differently. This time we boarded a bus and were taken to the left side of the terminal. We walk along an elevated walkway with cracks in the wall due to the earthquake. We round a corner and the Haitian band greets us with a rendition of island music that can only come form hand made instruments. We finally arrive at the immigration counter where we are told to fill out forms that we were not given on the plane (1st delay). We pass the gate and begin searching for our luggage. There is one luggage carousel because there are rarely ever 2 planes arriving at the same time, I shudder at the thought. We find all but one suite case (2nd delay). We split up and begin looking at carts leaving the airport, the carousel and the line of suite cases that have been taken and set aside. We finally find the case and were on our way out to customs. At customs they always look for a reason to open your bag expecting a bribe. With Aimond and Rio speaking creol we made it through without any trouble. Then we made our way outside to the car park. Two white guys like Steve and I attract a lot of attention as we make our way down the long sidewalk to the car park. We step aside into some shade and try to look like we know what we are doing as we wait for our ride. Not too long after, Aimond's cousin shows up with one vehicle (we expected 2). We load our luggage and strap what won't fit onto the roof with one piece of rope. It's nice to be in a vehicle heading out of the airport. Next we are thrust into another level of chaos as we navigate the streets of Port-au-Prince. Since the earthquake there are refugee camps (tent cities) everywhere: in parks, along the median of the road, in vacant yards and on the site where buildings once stood. We try to take in the changes which seem like another world from the one we left behind just 2 hours ago.
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