2011 Haiti Water Project Home Page
Thanks to the many generous donations made by the people of Bethesda-by-the-Sea, we will be able to install a solar powered water pump and water storage tank at the the Good Samaritan School in Canneau Verrettes, Haiti. We are making plans to visit Verrettes sometime in February to perform water quality tests, measure for the equipment, locate a supplier for pipe and cement, and hire local workers.

Good Samaritan school provides free education for about 100 children in Canneau. They currently have a hand operated well which is the only clean drink water supply for the village. People bring 5 gallon buckets and hand pump the water to carry back to their homes. After making 2 visits to the school, we assessed they would be well served by having a solar powered pump that would maintain a steady supply stored in an underground tank. The tank would also have a pump that would carry water to a small storage tank on the roof of the school that would then provide water pressure to deliver water to 2 sinks. one sink will be installed on the side of the school and the other will be installed in the one room medical clinic.

The project will be completed by June 2011.

We are in the process of uploading our site plans, photos, itinerary and details about the project to this website. We hope you return often to monitor our progress.