Project Outline & Schedule
Upcoming Trip:
1/13: Depart Ft. Lauderdale for Haiti. Arrive at New Life School and repair the hand pump well. Over night in PAP
1/14: Depart Port-au-Prince for Verrettes. Deliver tools, equipment and supplies to job site. Hire workers. Overnight in Verrettes
1/15: Chlorinate well, dig trenches, install water pipes, install sinks, test batteries & solar panel. Depart Verrettes for Gonaive. Chlorinate well, test wells, overnight in Gonaive
1/16: Depart Gonaive for Verrettes. Oversee installation, plan for construction of storage room, over night in Verrettes.
1/17: Depart Port-au-Prince for Leogaine, Bonneau and Jacmel, chlorinate wells, test wells. Over night in Bonneau
1/18: Chlorinate wells, test wells, depart Bonneau for PAP, overnight in PAP
1/19: Depart Port-au-Prince for Ft. Lauderdale

January 2012 Estimated costs
Raised funds