2014 Water Project
In 2014 our new 501(c)(3) non-profit, Water for Small Villages Inc, began a new project in Bondeau Haiti. Bondeau is on the North shore of the peninsula approxiametely 3 hours West from Port-au-Prince. The water project is on the grounds of the St. Marie Madeline School, a project initiated by the South Florida Haiti Project. On the 5 acre property there is a school, clinic, guest house, orphanage and modest housing for the local community.

Our goal is to help bring clean drinking water to the property which will also incorporate installation of a solar panel grid to bring clean renewable power to the buildings. To date, we have completed 3 site visits, mapped the property, took elevation readings, assessed and repaired the diesel generator, performed a geologic survey, conducted an energy audit and we chlorinated the water tanks. very importantly, we have established a relationship with the local residents of Bondeau, established trust with the people and we have carefully assessed their need and ability to maintain a water system.

In 2015, we will work with the South Florida Haiti Project, we will purchase a shipping container, purchase needed materials and ship them to Bondeau. We will hire an Haitian electrical team to assemble and install the solar panel system, and we will hire a hydrologic drilling team to drill and develop a clean drinking well. We are but one team working on the property. There are also visiting medical mission teams, teachers and another team is constructing a church, due to be completed in July 2015, which will be known as the Bondeau Cathedral.
Read our journal and view photos of the progress we make in 2014.